Vietnamese Dong – Showing $0.47 – Avoid Private Exchanges

By: Dominick Giammarino

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This article is updated as of Tuesday 9/2/2014, also check my new page on the Vietnamese Dong currency

I have heard that private exchanges have taken place, I am NOT exchanging privately and I don’t recommend anybody do so, if you want to get a few extra bucks, hey, that’s your business.  Sign an NDA, keep quiet your whole life and I guess that’s it right?  I make my intentions known, when the GCR happens in late 2015 or whenever, I plan to go publicly, however by that time the dollar might be dead.

This is all I have at this time.  I have nothing to do with your information, I do not know when you will be called, some of you signed up so it’s not my deal, good luck with that.   I was promoting a private exchange only because so many people were begging me to find them a private exchange, doesn’t mean I’m going, in fact, I’m not going.

Think of it like this, I used to ask my mother when I was really young to cook me my favorite dish, but she never ate it, so she was the provider, but not the participant, it’s like that way with the private exchanges.  Things have changed, mainly with how my wife and I feel about the private exchanges, we are NOT going, we are going publicaly, to either Chase or Wells Fargo.  We have a business acocunt setup, plan on investing in real estate just before the dollar crashes.  Now, for those of you still on the fence on what decision to make, don’t send your dong or dinar to anyone!

Make sure you are meeting a representative in a public place, a bank, a mall, somewhere there are cameras OK?  Bring a tape recorder, a hidden camera, etc, stream it live to ustream, can’t get in trouble if you do it BEFORE you sign an NDA right?  Just saying, totally up to you.  By the way, hire a bodyguard for a day when you go to exchange, you know there will be a bunch of people holding their currency, don’t get stuck in line, phone ahead, setup a private meeting with a banker, and arrive ON TIME, not 10 minutes early, not 2 minutes late, but ON TIME.

Stay classy San Diego.



92 thoughts on “Vietnamese Dong – Showing $0.47 – Avoid Private Exchanges”

  1. I firmly believe the .47 rate for the VND is some kind of error. It only show the rate like that in one way. As soon as I seen this Saturday morning I went straight to Chase Bank and asked them what they were paying for the VND If I were to sell them mine. They asked me how I wanted the rate if in millions would be okay. I sad yes and they told me they were paying $42.00 per million VND which with the spread is only about $5.00 less than what I paid for them to start with. If someone knows where we can exchange at the .47 rate or even close to that then please post that information so we can all benefit!

  2. After a few more minutes of checking, The VND is Also doing the sme thing against the EUR when entered as VND/EUR. Except no one is going to pay .34 EUR or .47 UDS per one VND. For what ever reason when you reverse it on that site it removes all of the zeros of its real exchange rate before the decimal point. On Netdania, if you enter it as VND first, and then the USD in the upper right hand corner then hit convert it will give you the real rate with all the zeros before the decimal point that also corresponds correctly with the USD/VND rate of 21094. IMO, Nothing to get excited about here.

  3. If we can exchange at the banks tomorrow, it will make it difficult to wait till Tues. or Wed. to sign up for the group rate. Why will it take a few days to get that link? How do group rates work?

  4. Nick,

    Bill is correct. On all the Forex sites that I visited after receiving exogen's $0.47 (hype). The result at the Forex sites was always the same — 1,000,000 VND converts to $47 USD. Purchasing through the dealers, the VND per million has been ~ $80 – $85.

    To have the VND experience such a massive move, with no fanfare or documentation (other than a computer dropping a few zeros) is a bit of a stretch. Ahhhh, if wishing could make it so…

  5. I think we have to ask a few questions:

    What should we do after we exchange?

    Should we get into rubles and yuan after the reset and hold any of the super currency or go all digital like at a bank?

    BANK OR CREDIT UNION or nuthing?

    When will the bank holidays occur? anyone else wanna add some go for it we need to figure out what to do after too there will be all kinds of places you could easily loose everything right…

  6. This is all a bunch a hoopla over nothing. The rate showing at.47 is as another person that posted his comments best described 10000 VND is the default setting for VND/USD that is the only reason it is showing at .47 On top of that, I would exersize caution sending hard currency to some private exchange. I would rather take a litle less and walk straight into the bank with mine. Also why would anyone purchase VND over the Internet? These sites sell it for about twice the amount of what you would pay for it at your Bank.

  7. Nick —

    Who wouldn't want to exchange their VND for $0.47? I sure would.
    But…there's a problem/hurdle with the PIF group. They require a Power of Attorney, basically giving them/him power to do whatever he/they want to do with your currency.

    Can you please find out for us, if this is a requirement for this group?

    • I'm not giving power of attorney to anyone, I'd rather take a $0.10 cent rate and still get paid. In the end, it's about getting paid right away. I'm probably going to do my private exchange at the Wells Fargo near where I live.

          • Nick —

            Other than a form that goes out to who-knows-where, have these people sent you the itemized procedures for "their" cash-in?

            Are you/we simply joining a group like General64's group?

            The (marketing) impression that this and other cash-in groups are promoting is a sense that THEIRS is a private cash-in PRIOR TO the actual PUBLIC notification of the currency's increased value. Could you address this as well?

            Thank you very much.

          • As I understand, the generals is dinar, not dong. I signed up for dong only and have not received any notification or procedures. Here's something to keep in mind, you are NOT obligated to give anyone your dong, even if you join a group, and DO NOT send your dinar or dong away to be REVIEWED, if its counterfeit, the foreign exchange tellers will know.

  8. Am curious , why do the exchange folks need so much info ? How about just a name and number ? And it's not public yet,so why are those ppl so generous as to want to give you twice and three times the $0.47 cents.. just curious.. Whats the catch ?

    • I don't know why they are offering two and three times as much, maybe it's because the bank wants to make money on the spread fees. Either way, I'm heading to the bank, private, or public, why wait when you are sure you can get a good rate? Some people choose to wait after it goes public, that's up to them, I'm not waiting.

  9. My question is; I purchased my dongs through my bank, do I need to have
    My receipt of purchase in order to do the exchange?

      • Hey Dominick, I was getting nervous about your non-response, but then noticed you never reply before 1:20am 🙂 So here's the deal, I get you want to drive people to your site, newsletters, social media etc. I have obeyed everything as yet, so if you can't post the link here, will you email it to me since you have my info? I promise to "like" you all over social media 🙂 And as a soon to be wife, I really appreciated your comment about not waking your sleeping beauty!

  10. Why do you need a receipt? You easily could of been in the country visiting for a vacation and held on to the rest of your money.

  11. I'm not sure if you will know this, but if you have purchased dong multiple times to equal the total amount you have, how would it be possible to upload a receipt for each purchase, or do you have to?


  12. Exercise caution on any private currency exchange. Know who the parties involved are. I'm not saying that your group is good or bad, but at the low cost of the dong, what does a hedge fund or private speculator need with your 50-200 usd worth of dong.
    Keep in mind currencies generally appreciate or depreciate over time, never in history has any currency made so many people over night millionaires. However, I hope I'm wrong but I still feel it's a long shot

  13. Hi Dominick, what about people in Europe? What institutions are going to allow Europeans to exchange dinars or dongs? I have recently purchased both dinars and dongs from Ebay as domestic banks do not offer dinars nor dongs. My concern is not about RV as it will happen eventually rather my ability to exchange fast. If neccesary I will have to travel to the US to get all the cash exchanged…pls advice, regards, Tibor

    • You should be able to buy dong at any bank that does foreign currency exchanging, also the airport is a good place. As for Iraqi dinar, eventually, when it becomes internationally traded, you can exchange at those same locations. If you have to exchange fast, just have a bank account at whichever bank does forex, call ahead today and set up accounts ok? Good luck.

  14. I have purchased a significant amount of dong…i will keep the amount anonymous…..due to a trusted source who told me of a scenario of a discovery in vietnam that will alter the global market. I can not say more on that subject matter due to confidentiality issues to my source , however, let us just say it prompted my purchase. Anyone care to comment on their thoughts on dong value going up drastically in the very near (and i mean near) future?

    • I'm sure that I will get a call about exchanging privately, if I get such a call I will email my subscribers before I exchange. If the dong is revalued publicly I will exchange at the bank, either way, I will inform you all of my decision.

  15. I am curious as to why no one answers certain posts here. If one is able to post comments does that mean they subscribed to your site? I posted a perfectly legitimate and important comment on my last post and not one reply. Once again I ask how is one "subscribed" to this site and private exchange sitrep? I am confident that by midsummer this gcr will take place , is anyone else as confident as I?

    • Certain posts are answered in other places on the site, the WELCOME page has all of the many site links, please check them all out. I'm mostly concerned with getting my money into tangible assets as soon as possible because when this thing goes, trust me, gold and silver will be in short supply.

  16. I see now where to subscribe and have done so…I can only hope this is going to happen soon as my main concern is this: when the reset occurs, my opinion is that we will have only a limited window of time to do the dong exchange. After which I believe stricter regulations will be put into effect to prevent a serious collapse economically here in the USA and abroad. Therefore my research is concentrated on exchanging for gold and silver etc. But I am having a difficult time finding the right places to accomodate such a large transaction. Any ideas????????

    • I suggest moving into assets also (gold silver real estate etc) I buy locally, you can search google for your town silver dealers, or buy silver your town etc. If you have an IRA/401K I have a link so you can right now move it into gold provided you have at least $5,000 in your IRA/401K.

  17. If you say that the all the Dinar Gurus are wrong in your latest post, then why are you interested in doing this so-called private DONG thing? If the GCR will not happen anytime soon, why did you do write this post last month and asking people to subscribe to your newsletter?

    I don't understand.


    • Great question. I was sent the link, so I figured, why not, I'm not obligating myself to a private exchange. Basically, it's a waiting list. When the GCR happens, probably in or after 2015, then I'm already on a list. Rather then be selfish, I shared the link, so who cares about when it happens, the point is, be ready for it, have all your paperwork ready to go. If the private list is overwhelmed, I will go into a public bank and exchange. Remember, I don't anticipate a huge rate, you might get a few times your investment back, but I don't see anyone getting $1,000 for every $1, that's absurd.

  18. Now that the July 1st date has passed, are there any updates or rumors regarding the Dong value?

    Thanks in advance,

  19. hey nick I joined your site a few months ago after years of speculation of it doing anything. my question is do you know when o r at what rate the dong is going to revalue at

  20. Is this real or fake? I have few friends who work at banks and they said they don't know any thing about these so-called currency change. Don't you think, people who work at bank like WellsFargo, Bank of America etc, would know if this was correct? More over, when did govt become so nice, that they will give out money like this to people? And also, if that happens, people in Vietnam will be super rich. Every common Vitnamies will be a US dollar millionar?

    • sure, then again, when I was in the Navy, I knew things about to happen that 80% of the guys on the ship didn't, it's because some people are informed. The truth is that the government doesn't want this to happen, why would they want us to become rich?

  21. I know a few people who bought Dong a few months a go, there in a private group, it's all hush hush, they mention a trust being set up to help with the tax implications, blah blah blah… They also say it should be any day now… blah blah blah… I agree with what User_2014 is saying.

    I'm guessing the reset will make the old money useless and the new dong will be made into a smaller denomination, like a reverse stock split that a public company does to boost the share price. I.E. 1,000 Dong will convert to the Brand New 1 Dong. Just my silly opinion.

  22. Hey Nick I have been watching your youtube clips and I have subscribed to your needs letter. Your information is on point some times. And other times it's just talk. I'm not going to list some of what I'm talking about. I just wanted to speak and voice my comment. I have been waiting for you to post the link or document for the private said it was going to be available for the people who subscribe to your news letter. Well I haven't seen it..
    You just as false as tony.

  23. Hi Dominick,

    You mean there will not be any private exchanges ?

    Anyway what is the difference between private and public ?

    If i have some Vietnamese dong and Indonesian rupiah banknotes should i keep them for the GCR ?

    Also will i be able to exchange at a bank in Europe or middle east or Asia ?

    Sorry for too many questions



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