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Buy Vietnamese Dong – Where To Purchase

By: Dominick Giammarino

Last updated: September 16, 2014

This article focuses primarily on where to buy Vietnamese Dong.  This is the 2nd article in a series about the dong.  The first is here:

There is both a video and a chart of the rates.  First off, online Dong dealers, do not contact me asking me to promote your site.  This article is meant for Vietnamese Dong however, you may want to also know about how to purchase dinar, so for that article, go here:

In the video below, I personally called my local Chase bank and recorded the rate live as I calculated how much they, as well as other companies charge, above the market rate.  I also compare the Chase rate to the online dealers rate.  You don’t have to take my word for it, try checking yourself.

If you are looking Where to buy Vietnamese Dong then the answer should be obvious. Your local bank is the best place. You could check out Chase or Wells Fargo, but near me, I went with Chase. It’s up to you, maybe you have a local credit union, they are great as well.  Call ahead to make sure they have it in stock, get the rate, set up an appointment, go in and do your exchange.  Originally, I didn’t need ID or an account, but things have changed.  Probably because of the new bill HR 2847 which limits foreign currency transactions.  VNN Currency falls under that, keep reading if you are asking yourself, “Should I Buy Vietnamese Dong?”

I still recommend you buy gold and silver, but not many people will take my advice. It’s a shame, here is the link to buy gold and silver on Amazon.

Buy Vietnamese Dong – Rates I Found Online By Scammers

Below is a chart I have personally created that shows the various dong dealers and what they charge in relation to the price I was quoted by a Chase bank in Tempe, Arizona.

This table was created by Nick Giammarino to prove that it is much cheaper to buy Vietnamese Dong from a bank rather than from an online dealer.

I'm sure the dealers will be mad when they see this chart and the video, maybe you dealers should lower your prices instead of rip people off. Share this link with everyone.

Prices include Shipping, because as we all know, that is where they get you.
$ Per Million Dong
% Increase Over Chase Bank Quote of $54.09 per Million (
92.25% site might be down
spot price (
$0 local pickup
0% (baseline)

Now, many people have wanted to know exactly when the Global Currency Reset is going to take place.  It will not happen in 2014, maybe not even in 2015, but I know many people are looking for around September 2015.  All I know is this, I refuse to listen to dinar calls or put out worthless information like the others have done, if I can’t prove it, I’m not going to mention it.  If you haven’t read this article before you buy Buy Vietnamese Dong you better check it out.

When buying Vietnamese Dong you must be sure that the rate you get is not more than 15% higher than the market rate.  Always buy Vietnamese Dong at a low rate, don’t get ripped off.

buy vietnamese dong

It’s pains me to say this, but so many of you are listening to dinar calls day in and day out.  I learned everything I needed to know within the first month of listening to dinar calls that all I was getting out of them was hope, not credible information.  Regarding the Vietnam Dong and the reset date, don’t you know that when this reset happens you will find out everything you need to know?

Let’s say you bought either gold, dinar, or buy dong right?  OK, so the reset is going to happen on so and so day.   If you don’t know the day and it happens, what have you lost?  Nothing.  If you know well in advance when it will happen what have you gained?  Nothing. So here is how I feel, I have invested for the reset, and I’m ready, that’s it, that’s all you need to know, there is no sense in trying to figure out days like the guru’s have claimed, it’s a waste of time.  This is akin to trying to figure out when your vehicle is going to run out of oil.  If you were smart you would get it checked every few thousand miles or so, but are you really going to be better off if you knew when it was going to happen?  Maybe some of you have a feeling that, “If I don’t listen to these calls then I’m not actively participating.”

Buy Vietnamese Dong – Final Thoughts

Before you go and purchase Vietnamese Dong now, make sure you know the correct price to pay.  Maybe some of you run around telling your friends, “You know you have to start investing in the dong or the dinar, the reset is going to happen next week.”  Seriously, you guys need to all just stop and not listen to any dinar

calls for about a month, see what happens.  Think about all of the free time you will have for yourself by not wasting an hour or two listening to calls.  Oh, and by the way, I know for a fact that some of you have listened to every single call that TNT Tony has made, and where has it got you?  Do you think you have all the knowledge in the world?  Do you feel better because you are “informed”.  Here is a link to Wikipedia for Vietnamese Dong – Buy Vietnamese Dong

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2 thoughts on “Buy Vietnamese Dong – Online Dealer Review – Call To Chase Bank”

  1. Why would I need a long-winded explanation that buying online means you will pay more than the exchange rate? That is no surprise, The fees & S & H you pay will be no more than the cost of a few gals of gas or a couple meals out to eat, money you are going to waste anyway. And if these currencies revalue at 1,000 – 4,000%, these fees are trivial. Duh.

    • If they revalue high, but we don’t know what the rates will be yet. We know gold and silver will revalue again, but people are coming to me each week saying “Help me, I don’t know where to buy currency from.” So I’m doing many people a favor by providing them this information.


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