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Dominick Giammarino

Last updated on: 2/15/2015

Hello and welcome to all the people visiting https://globalcurrencyreset.net for the first time.  First off, I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE HERE to get the newsletter and my updates.  Also I have a Youtube Channel ,Facebook page, and Twitter Account.  That about does it for social media.  You probably have been listening to the TNT Tony calls right?  I wouldn’t waste my time listening to him because he had been making the same false statements since 2011.  You can look at the dinar guru page to read more.

I encourage you to go to the RSS Feed here, works better in Firefox than Chrome, and open all of the postings to read them and get all caught up.  This website had it’s first post on January 25th, and it’s really grown since then.  We get about 6,000-11,000 page visits each day, at least 1/4 are new people.  Spread the word!  You can ask me any question you have about the reset and I will give my honest opinion, please make sure you subscribe first to the newsletter.  A list of the pages on this site are below, scroll down to see them all.

Thanks for checking this site out, please like on Facebook, follow on twitter, and subscribe to both the YouTube channel above and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.  When the RV / global currency reset occurs, you will know!  Daily updates are posted here



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