What Is The Global Currency Reset – 2020 Update

Donald Trump is now President, the United States is undergoing a massive shift. The DOW Jones is at 19,790.46 and nearing the 20,000 mark. In this updated article on the Global Currency Reset, I discuss why it’s important to get out of the stock market, cash out your 401k or IRA and get into tangible assets such as gold, silver, luxury cars, real estate, paintings, land, anything that will hold it’s value when the dollar dies.

A reset is certain, and another thing that is certain is DEFLATION, which the Federal Reserve hates!

Certain things lose their value each year like the United States Dollar, but other things like gold and silver will still provide you with purchasing power when the inevitable happens.

Global Currency Reset – Death of the Dollar

Last Updated: January 21, 2020

By: Nick Giammarino

Global Currency Reset

What exactly is the GCR (Global Currency Reset) all about?  Essentially, it’s the end of the United States Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and the beginning of a new monetary system led by a new currency, possibly the SDR.  

Some have pointed to China’s Yuan as the new reserve currency, but I don’t see it happening for some time, especially considering the effects of their stock market crash from June-July 2015 where it has lost over 30% as of July 9th 2015.  The Chinese Yuan was added to the basket of currencies in 2016, but we were prepared for that.

Before we get deep into this discussion, here is a quote from Winston Churchill:

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

Below is an interview with Willem Middelkoop regarding what he calls, “The Big Reset” also the title of his best-selling book.

The transcript of that interview is here: The Big Reset Interview With Willem Middelkoop

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTLLDbw175k

His book is available at the following link: globalcurrencyreset.net/thebigreset

Historical Background on the Last Global Financial Reset

Looking back, the last financial reset happened between 1944 and 1945, towards the end of World War II.  The powers that be decided that a new global world reserve currency was needed, so it became the US Dollar. Previously, the pound sterling (British Pound) was used starting about 1860 or so (the time of the United States Civil War) until around 1914 when the Federal Reserve, a private company, was born.  Obviously Britain was devastated by World War II and they were no longer a superpower, so the dollar became the world reserve currency officially after World War II.

richard nixon

On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon made the following statement during a televised pre-written speech:

In the past seven years, there has been an average of one international monetary crisis every year. Now who gains from these crises? Not the working man; not the investor; not the real producers of wealth. The gainers are the international money speculators. Because they thrive on crises, they help to create them.

In recent weeks, the speculators have been waging an all-out war on the American dollar. The strength of a nation’s currency is based on the strength of that nation’s economy – and the American economy is by far the strongest in the world. Accordingly, I have directed the Secretary of the Treasury to take the action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators.

I have directed Secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the American dollar except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interests of the United States.

Now, what is this action – which is very technical – what does it mean for you?

Let me lay to rest the bugaboo of what is called devaluation. (By the way, many countries will have their currencies devalued during this global currency reset).

 If you want to buy a foreign car or take a trip abroad, market conditions may cause your dollar to buy slightly less. But if you are among the overwhelming majority of Americans who buy American-made products in America, your dollar will be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today.

The effect of this action, in other words, will be to stabilize the dollar.

Now, this action will not win us any friends among the international money traders. But our primary concern is with the American workers, and with fair competition around the world.

To our friends abroad, including the many responsible members of the international banking community who are dedicated to stability and the flow of trade, I give this assurance: The United States has always been, and will continue to be, a forward-looking and trustworthy trading partner. In full cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and those who trade with us, we will press for the necessary reforms to set up an urgently needed new international monetary system. Stability and equal treatment is in everybody’s best interest. I am determined that the American dollar must never again be a hostage in the hands of international speculators.

I am taking one further step to protect the dollar, to improve our balance of payments, and to increase jobs for Americans. As a temporary measure, I am today imposing an additional tax of 10 percent on goods imported into the United States. This is a better solution for international trade than direct controls on the amount of imports.

Notice that parts I emphasized in bold relating to a global currency reset:

“they help to create them.”

Obviously, if you want to make money, create a crisis, and create the solution.Think about the guy who broke windows in a neighborhood and then posed as the windshield repair man.That’s the idea.

all-out war on the American dollar. The strength of a nation’s currency is based on the strength of that nation’s economy” 

The coming Global Currency Reset (2014-2020) will be based, again, on the assets of the countries of the world.Example: Iraq has oil, South Africa has diamonds, China has gold, Vietnam has rice, the U.S. has, well, we have a lot of debt, so I guess we’re in trouble right?


President Nixon essentially said that we would eventually go back to a gold standard, and that this measure where countries could exchange their dollars for gold was only temporarily.Well, it’s been over 42 years and it doesn’t look like we will go back to exchanging our dollars for gold.


Once again devaluation is related to the coming global currency reset

According to Pastor Lindsey Williams (http://lindseywilliams.net) the dollar will be devalued about 30% in the next Global Currency Reset.  That’s a lot!  Imagine paying 30% more for items from China.  Have you ever tried to quickly find ten distinct items in Walmart that are NOT made in China.  Even the American flags are made in China!  Devaluation is a big part of the Global Currency Reset.


“market conditions may cause your dollar to buy slightly less”

Inflation, bottom line, right after President Nixon gave this speech, inflation started to creep up.  American tourists in foreign countries who only had U.S. Dollars were treated as if those U.S. Dollars were worthless, however, those tourists who had the local currency were treated like royalty.

“fair competition around the world”

Fair?  What’s fair about the fact that our biggest export is DEBT.  I think that says enough, we owe so much to other countries and yet we can’t fund social security, the post office, or other programs like medicare.

“In full cooperation with the International Monetary Fund”

These are the people in charge.  The I.M.F. as it’s abbreviated, just happened to be created around 1944-1945, it’s main purpose is to, according to their own website “foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.”Are they doing a good job? The IMF is behind this coming Global Currency Reset.

“new international monetary system”

It’s a global or international monetary system, so every nation is involved, they have to be, how else can a country trade unless their currency is convertible? The point of a Global Currency Reset is to allow countries to trade among each other, but the U.S. Dollar was gold backed, after this speech, it was fiat, meaning it was only worth the paper it was printed on, nothing backed it, just government fiat, or decree.

The difference between the financial changes in 1971 and what happened in 1944-1945 is that in 1944 we essentially said, “We will back our U.S. Dollar with gold, if you have dollars, we will give you gold, in 1971 we said,

“We will not back our U.S. Dollar with gold, but trust us, we’re good for the money, oh yeah, you can’t get our gold.  A global currency reset, would reset the price of gold as well.

In 1971, gold was $35 per ounce, after this speech by President Nixon the price floated, it got up over $800 in 1980, fell down to around $200 in the 1990’s, and again rose up to $1900 in 2011.

“an additional tax of 10 percent”

Ask anyone who was a teenager in 1971 how quickly prices went up from 1971 to 1980.As the U.S. began trading more and more internationally those 10% taxes took their toll.

That’s it for my analysis of President Nixon’s speech, now for some history. We will start with talking about the Global Currency Reset following our discussion gold standards. Before World War I, nearly all of the major currencies (dollar, pound, Swiss franc) were backed by gold.

This was the so called “gold standard”. The amount of money in circulation was directly tied to the gold supply. With a Global Reset, this will all happen again, gold backed money.

Remember, gold holds it’s value, it’s been said that an old Roman gold coin of eight grams purchased a few hundred liters of crappy wine, well, in 2015 eight grams of gold is worth about the same amount of wine.

Nothing changed, your gold purchased the same stuff.  You can bury gold for thousands of years and it’s worth the same, but you bury a dollar and thousands of years later it’s not going to buy you anything, unless some collector wants it.  So what happened in August of 1971, a World Financial Reset.

Gas Prices

For some people reading this, you remember how much more your 1971 dollar went versus your 2015 dollar.  Think about how far it goes now.  Heck, even some like me who remember in high school when minimum wage was $5.15 and gas was only around $1 a gallon, yes you could get over 5 gallons per hour you worked.  What do you get now that minimum wage is $8.05 (Arizona) and gas costs $2.49  

You get about 3.23 gallons per hour worked, a little more than half!  And don’t forget, gas prices have been rising over the last few months of 2015.  As of 2017, they are down to about $2.19 by me here in the Phoenix Area.  

mid 1990s gas prices

I never hear this news about gas prices (minimum wages vs gas price per gallon) reported on the mainstream news, only how high the stock market is.  

The stock market is a false indication of the economy anyways, in 2015, we have more people on wellfare than ever before, in addition, we have more people receiving some form of government aid.  

Consider this, were you able to buy more stuff for $15,000 in 2000 or in 2017?  Think about gas, or peanut butter, or even a screwdriver or alarm clock.  

So the stock market, since it’s measured in dollars, doesn’t mean anything, the stock market would probably have to be above 45,000 points to be even close to where it was in the late 1990’s.  

Remember this, the only reason the stock market is so high is because the banks don’t give you any interest anymore.  Seniors and other people with 401ks have their money tied up in the stock market, artificially inflating the value of many stocks.

Interest Rates

When I was younger, I was told by my teachers and my parents,

“Put your money in a savings account, you will get 5-7% interest, then you have some extra money when you get older.”

The interest was enough to cover for inflation at that time, plus I received some extra money every month which I could see on my bank statements back when they used to be mailed to you.  Now, we have negative interest rates.

What are negative interest rates?  Figure that the annual inflation is about 5%, but your bank is only giving you 1% (which is more than they give you) so you are getting -4% interest, inflation is consuming your 1% that the bank is giving you, leaving you with 4% less.  It pays not to keep your money in a bank right now.

Global Currency Reset and Gas prices 1929-2010

Here is a gas chart, just look at what happens around 1971 when President Nixon gave this speech. By the way, I don’t think President Nixon knew that by taking us off the gold standard that we’d have a Global Reset.

What I mean is, since all currencies were tied to the US Dollar (backed by gold) they now had to be reset.  Since all countries were tied to the US Dollar and gold, it was a global economic reset in that regard.

Below is a clip of Christine Lagarde mentioning the term reset, it was one of the first videos I posted, important to notice how she looks down at her notes, so this statement was not an accident, it was planned.

What follows below is the information I have found over the past few years:

Iraqi Dinar – Is It A Good Investment?

iraqi dinar

At the outset of the Iraqi invasion, the World Bank and United Nations devalued the Iraqi currency, the dinar upon the petition of the US Attorney General. The Iraqi Dinar at that time was worth $3.22 USD.

Today 1,000 dinars = 86 US cents or .86 USD.

It’s been said this Global Financial Reset will bring the rate back to around $3.22 USD per 1 Iraqi Dinar.

The Money Supply M2 in Iraq decreased to 88048 IQD Billion (88 Trillion) in October

It was previousy 88395 IQD Billion in September of 2016.

Money Supply M2 in Iraq averaged 49341.54 IQD Billion from 2003 until 2016.

It reached an all time high of 90728 IQD Billion (90 Trillion) in December of 2014 and a record low of 6953  IQD Billion (Just 6 Trillion) in December of 2003.

 Like many others I thought I saw the potential for massive amounts of money to be made from the Iraqi dinar.

This entailed investing in the foreign currency and waiting until it revalued.  But most of the information I had received, and you had received, was false as proved by recent FBI raids involving Sterling Currency Group (who came after me) and TerryK of the GET Team, a fake dinar guru intel news provider.

I then discovered that the Vietnamese Currency had also been devalued during the Vietnam War, which was a long time ago. It never revalued.  But, then again, did it really need to be?  Did Vietnam not want their exports to be cheap in order to remain competitive?

Yes, the Global Currency Reset as some have described it has the potential to fix this issue with the Vietnamese Dong, however, I still don’t believe that anyone is going to get rich by investing in either of these currencies.  This goes the same for the Zimbabwe currency which was recently announced that the large 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar notes would be exchanged for just 40 cents in country.

Here is a recent IMF report on Zimbabwe, and they recently released new bond notes and coins.

Needless to say, I decided to take the gamble and invested a small amount in both currencies, Dinar and Dong (less than $1,000). I was tempted at times to invest more but decided not to.  At this point, I may actually sell my currency in order to purchase more gold and silver.  I’d rather have something of value now that is a sure thing than to take a huge gamble.

Remember, not one dinar guru was able to predict the removal of the 50 dinar note from circulation.  Breitling failed big time because he told everyone to buy these as he was helping his friend new coins and bond notes (Roger Dorman) whose wife Angela Dorman was running the Treasury Vault (previously the Currency Vault).

In the video above, I exposed the relationship between both websites as PROOF that they were owned by the same entity. Shortly after my video came out, Dinar Daddy’s site went offline. Coincidence? I think not.

As time went by I discovered that investing in the Iraqi currency was a bad move.  The Currency Exchanges were glad to have the business of suckers like myself and Dinar gurus suddenly emerged on the scene, encouraging readers to invest and get rich overnight. Unknown at the time was the fact that most of these gurus were connected to or were themselves part of the dinar dealers. 

What’s Behind The Global Currency Reset or International Currency Reset as it’s called?

christine lagarde reset

Lies We Are Hearing

 Supposedly, when this reset happens, individuals wishing to exchange their foreign currency at a Federal Reserve Bank, currency broker or currency exchange must agree to sign an NDA, also known as a Non disclosure Agreement (NDA). To me, this seems ridiculous, I never had to sign any paperwork when I bought or sold foreign currency, so why now?  The NDA is supposed to be a contract you are required to sign stating that you are not disclose where your new-found wealth originated.

This appears harmless enough except for the fact that the NDA is a contract signed under duress. Why duress? You do not have a choice to accept or not accept this contract. The corporate government is hoping that greed will cause you to accept its NDA, no questions asked.

Some Background Including NDAs and Private Exchanges

I recorded the above video in 2016 and I haven’t had to update it. Bottom line, the FBI told me those people who “privately exchanged” in Reno and other places have lost their money. They will NOT get it back. Those funds were already converted to USD according to the FBI.

Let me ask you a question, did YOU privately exchange? Did you receive USD or Gold or something of value in return or did you just get a receipt?

I challenge you to try and contact the paymaster and get your money back, then contact me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or just reply to this post. I want to hear from you and get you on the radio. These scammers need to be stopped.

Please note, I don’t believe any of those who tell me they “received $3 per dinar”, so do your own research before you invest anything with someone you don’t know.  Do a background check on THEM.

The global reset has a way of changing our constitution.  The US Government is a private foreign corporation. Its existence is hidden behind the very Constitution that you the right to contract with whomever you choose.

The NDA is a contract. The US corporate government requirement that you sign an NDA takes your contractual obligation to a whole new level. How does it do so?  If you violate any provision of this particular NDA you will be arrested as a domestic terrorist under the National Security Act. This, in turn, alters what was formerly a civil contract into one that incorporates grave and serious criminal penalties.

You might be wondering who in their right mind would agree to sign such a contract?  During the global reset people will make bad decisions. Well it turns out if you refuse to sign the NDA you will be denied your opportunity to exchange currencies at preferred rates, and you have only 30 days from receipt of the NDA to decide whether you wish to sign on the dotted line.

What isn’t stated is the 30-day limit is far more important to them than it is for the investor holding the dinar. The banks and US corporate government have major foreign oil contracts to fulfill, contracts they can no longer fulfill with the USD. They need your dinar to purchase oil now that Europe and other major trading partners are refusing to accept the fiat-based, ponzi-style USD. With a Global Currency Reset, we can’t be sure who we can trust.

NDA Vietnamese Dong

Currency Exchanges

During the global currency reset, you won’t have a lot of time to exchange your foreign currencies.  A currency exchange is traditionally a barter (equivalent value changing hands between private parties) and thus it is a non-taxable matter.

However, this NDA contract requires you to agree to pay a Capital Gains Tax that has yet to be established.

I’m hearing 10% but what happens if it turns out to be 50%?  The currency brokers and wealth managers associated with the Federal Reserve banking establishment are recommending that you set aside 50% of your assets to cover taxes.

In a Global Currency Reset situation, you really can’t be sure how much you will have to give away, 50% is a safe margin, if it’s less, you are in good shape, if it’s more, well, I think that’s unlikely. Talk to your financial professional, but do not tell them about the Global Currency Reset, it will take too much time to explain it to them.  Get your bank papers ready to go before the global currency reset.  

Read about the 1-800 numbers and what I believe.

 What do they know that we don’t?

Watch this video I made on the NDA and 1800 numbers, yes, it’s old, but it’s still me.

The same NDA contract also requires that you agree to comply with any and all current and future laws during the next ten years, enacted by the corporate United States Government. This makes the NDA a noose placed around the signatory’s neck, then gradually tightened.  If you do get involved with the global currency reset, and you have dinar to exchange, you might have to sign an NDA.

 If you exchange your currency at a Federal Reserve bank you will only be allowed to exchange the equivalent of $10,000 in cash.  This doesn’t make sense, you can exchange as much as you want, however, usually, there is a form to fill out when there are monetary transactions over $10k.  

You will be required to open one of the following:  Checking account, savings account, trust account or brokerage account. 

You will be forced to deposit the remainder of your assets into one of these accounts.  However, during the global currency reset they might change the rules on deposits again.

 The corporate US Congress modified the US Banking laws this year to specify that all accounts – deposits, trusts, IRAs and safe deposit boxes – belong to the Federal Reserve bank.

This means that once you execute a deposit you surrender all ownership of that deposit to the bank.Should this foreign, privately-owned Federal Reserve system suddenly declare bankruptcy, all of your assets entrusted to them become their property.

Within the fine print of all the banking accounts you own and/or open you will find the stipulation that the financial institution can use your assets to pay off the national debt, a debt that was never yours to begin with.

If you’re thinking the FDIC will reimburse you up to $250,000 on each account, think again. The FDIC filed bankruptcy in 2006 due to the swarm of bank failures that year, with claims against it in the trillions. The FDIC is done. Finished.

It can never be revived without paying off those outstanding claims. I’m willing to bet your bank or wealth manager never informed you of that fact. With this Global Currency Reset, anything can happen.

 Your Money Is No Longer Under Your Control

dollar collapse

You don’t need to have a reset to figure this one out.  Here is another “catch 22.” You cannot gift or wire any amount greater than $4,999.99 to a family member or friend without the Department of Homeland Security reviewing the check or wire transfer to investigate the origin of the money.

Since you signed the NDA contract you cannot talk about the source of your money with anybody, even DHS. All of a sudden you’re turned into a suspect involved in a potentially unlawful financial activity.

Your gift will be confiscated unless you indicate Source Of Funds and if you do reveal the source you will have violated the NDA. This, in turn, can create the circumstance in which you are arrested as a domestic terrorist under the National Security Act.

By the way, we could have a “bank holiday” right before, or immediately following the Global Currency Reset.

The financial oligarchs may not be playing with the full deck but the cards they’re holding of a certainty belong to a stacked deck.

The Game Is Rigged

Did you know that Americans are now prohibited from transferring any assets out of the corporate United States without clearance from the Department of Homeland Security?  

The reason for this crackdown has to do with the approximately four to 5,000 wealthy US Citizens who surrender their US Citizenship annually, transfer their assets and immigrate to another country. The government’s intent is to regulate the movement of money over national borders.

This is what is meant by the axiom “Finding yourself between a rock and a hard place.”

One Legal Maneuver Is Still Available To Those Who Can Afford It

The only legal alternative that comes to mind that you can use to counter this madness is to purchase your freedom via Diplomatic Immunity. This relieves you of the burden of having to sign the NDA contract.

I am certain that Diplomatic Immunity is still available to all and is honored in 90 plus countries. You will need to make this move carefully, however, as it is quite expensive to set up a Legal Expense (numbered) account with your bank or broker. Again, please don’t mention the Global Currency Reset to your banker, broker, or anyone else you don’t fully trust.

Given the costs involved in setting up a Legal Expense account (~$800,000+ USD) this likely will not work for the small investor.

However, the fact remains there is no need for anyone to rush in to exchange anything. This 30-day limit is simply another fraud. They, the US Military Complex, need your dinar within 30 days to pay their oil contracts. If anything, at the end of the 30 days, the exchange rate will likely go higher due to the lack of confidence in the USD abroad.

I have a feeling (one I admit may be just a pipe-dream) that all this corruption enslaving humanity for millenia will be coming to an abrupt end in the near future. Once that happens our liberty as a species will be restored.

global economic reset

Moreover, his sources say, the Revaluation, again, not Global Currency Reset, will provide the foundation for the release of the prosperity-program funds and trigger provisions of NESARA.

“The new currencies, the gold backing and new international banking rules will forge the foundation for the release of the two-step prosperity funds. These operations will enforce now-sequestered legislation to bring out the various provisions of ‘NESARA.’

These rules will cause a domino-like effect to alter governance and return it to the people. In this milieu, governance will aid the Light and allow formal disclosure to occur. This new environment will also permit us to begin a series of worldwide lessons about your most dearly kept perceptions.”

christine lagarde imf

“So why would we, when we have no need for currency, say, ‘Now, you have no need for currency’ when you love it? It is showing you, and it is transitioning you, into a place where currency becomes what it is — an idea.

“And the more you work with this creation of abundance, for many, for all, then the more it becomes your ability to simply create out of thin air. Because that is what you are really doing.

So the Revaluation is intended to be the first illustration that “everything is real and not a dream.” It’s the first stage of the financial reconstruction that we’ll notice and be impacted by.

It’s meant to be part of a transition from currency to the more developed ways of seeing to our needs that will come with the shift to higher consciousness. And it’s the signal for other projects such as the prosperity programs and for many of the provisions of NESARA to begin.

We need to talk about what a Global Currency Reset actually is.

Global Currency Reset and the Dinar

tony tnt

If you are someone who listens to TNT Tony or any guru for that matter, I suggest you immediately stop.  He has been wrong since 2011.  The reset HAS to happen, no doubt about it, but when and how is another story.

My site is a lot different from some of the dinar sites such as Dinar Daddy as you can tell.   I am not the typical Dinar Guru who is going to tell you it’s going to happen today, or tomorrow.  Let’s be real, those dinar calls are sponsored by dinar companies.

Just a single visit to their website and you will see banner ads promoting specific companies.   OK, so all of the major currencies of the world will be revalued based on the assets of the country itself.

This is supposed to be according to a source, the IMF should be charge since they have the SDR, and many consider that to be a reserve currency, even though it’s not a physical currency, yet.  The details are secret regarding this reset, so we don’t really know.

It’s important that we understand that the only way we are going to know is to check foreign exchange sites on a nearly daily basis.

If not, the only way you might find out is word of mouth, “Hey, did you hear about the GCR?” Yeah, by then it will have been too late.  A global currency reset will be on the front pages for days, but it’s effects will last indefinitely.

Banks might shut down, people might go hungry if they don’t have access to cash, it’s important that under these circumstances you fully comply with the local laws. If we have a reset than you just might need to find a safe way out of the major cities, even if just for a week.

A cabin in the woods is better than a large metropolitan area.  When a  reset actually happens you might not be able to get out fast enough if you have to wait for the major cable news networks to tell you.

If you know which country is going to have the most assets you can make a lot of money.  A lot of people think the U.S. will have its dollar devalued between 20 and 50% depending on who you talk to.

Others claim that the Iraqi Dinar will be revalued from it’s current rate of 0.0086 to at least $1.18, a substantial increase.  Bottom line, we just don’t know, it’s best to own a bit of Iraqi dinar, and maybe even Swiss Francs.  Follow the money!  Gold, silver, diamonds are money, dollars, yen, dinars, those are just currency, remember the hyperinflation in Germany in 1923?  It could happen again in the United States.

The global currency reset is coming, are you ready for the global currency reset?

A currency reset is either a revaluation or devaluation of a nation’s currency within a fixed exchange rate system. If a nation revalues its currency, its central bank raises the value of the nation’s currency at a fixed peg with a reserve currency, such as the U.S. dollar.

A devaluation would lower the value of the currency in relation to the reserve currency. The alternative — which most of the world’s developed economies use — is the free-floating currency, which means the currency’s value is independent of the values of other currencies. Hence, the value of a free-floating currency is determined by supply and demand.

Generally, a nation revalues its fixed exchange rate currency in response to positive economic growth and trade surpluses, as China did with the Yuan/Renminbi in 2005. If a nation runs trade deficits or suffers continuous capital outflows, they may find themselves obliged to devalue their currency. One way nations devalue free floating currencies is, intentionally or not, by inflation. Many economists assert that a fixed exchange rate muzzles inflation.

However, the U.S. Federal Reserve has spent trillions buying securities through its Quantitative Easing program; officially, the federal government claims that the nation’s inflation rate has been around 2% annually.

With all the new money introduced by the Fed over the past few years, the market dynamics of supply and demand dictate that high inflation or even hyperinflation is on the horizon for the U.S. dollar.

Thus, a “Global Currency Reset” (GCR) would be either a revaluation or devaluation of a reserve currency. It could even mean that the world moves away from the reserve currency altogether. The most apocalyptic scenario would involve a hundred countries or more simultaneously devaluing their currency – an event unprecedented in world history but one not beyond the realm of possibility. Why would this cataclysm occur?

It would be a currency world war where scores of nations compete to lower their exchange rate to boost their exports and remedy trade deficits. And according to some economists, currency wars don’t contribute to economic depressions — they end them.

tnt tony twitter

As the U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since World War II, a GCR would have a profound impact on the dollar’s role in international finance and trade. Perhaps most significantly, the U.S., which has borrowed exorbitantly since the time of the Vietnam War, would see its borrowing costs skyrocket.

European economists have conceptualized the term “exorbitant privilege” for the advantage that the U.S. holds over other nations by benefit of being the world’s reserve currency. By serving as the world’s reserve currency, the U.S. would never face a currency crisis (i.e., a sudden currency devaluation).

A GCR would remove America’s exorbitant privilege. BRIC nations are already in the process of moving away from the dollar.

For example, China has established bilateral trade agreements with with Australia, Japan, Thailand, Russia and Vietnam that allows for direct currency trade instead of converting to the U.S. dollar.

What does this have to do with precious metals? A GCR, which is already beginning, will devalue the U.S. dollar, causing inflation to rise rapidly. If Americans (or anyone else) have their wealth stored in the dollar, a fiat currency, inflation will rob them of their affluence.

What will serve as a reserve currency? Gold and other precious metals have traditionally been a steadfast haven for protecting wealth. When fiat currencies collapse beneath their worthless weight, intrinsic assets like gold and silver will remain as a benchmark for the world’s currencies. Just look at the amount of gold China, India and the other BRICs have purchased since the Great Recession and draw your own conclusions.

We must have a Global Currency Reset very soon, as all fiat currencies are doomed.

Precious metal sages are fond of saying: “Don’t wait to buy gold and silver.  Buy gold and silver and wait.” That’s what the world’s richest individuals do.

Now you understand the what you need to know about the Global Currency Reset.  Please share this article, and comment below.  Good luck.

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  1. I believe it has to happen at least before WWlll is over they are going to crank it up soon but im sure russia and china as well as those other countries like india and the brics what to see this before that happens I would like you to take a look at this dunno if you watch greg hunter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgPyWLr20jk&index=1&list=UUG-G8LLr38fQUNZU8K0t-EA james richards says things are happening much quicker then he thought they would esp with fatca on july 1 and jan 1 for some institutions and finra the russian china deal while obama was hosting the damn football team (what a joke) it cannot be much longer now!!

  2. I've been trying to do some research. I read post from the gurus stating that this reset is going to happen soon. I have tried to see it many times & have looked at the Tv shows on CNBC. How would be able to get in to exchange if you have IQD?

  3. i have to agree with you and steve there isn't much time left HOWEVER i just found this guys channel you should watch some of his videos amazing – no longer conspiracy theory crash in 2015?! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__s-iPg_2r4&list=UUBVGZny2lpynNDQe-rdC1eA&index=2

    says every 7 years there is a big crash 2001 and 2008 are the last two very interesting also look at this – saturn the cube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__t3jKHKz5o

    this is a huge part to all this satanist/luciferian crap…

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