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Willem Middelkoop The Big Reset

By: Dominick Giammarino

Last Updated on: January 21, 2015

Willem Middelkoop spent much of 2013 working on his latest book called “The Big Reset“.  This book has become a bestseller on Amazon and is currently available here: https://globalcurrencyreset.net/thebigreset the book was released on January 15, 2014 here in the United States.

I conducted an interview with Willem Middelkoop back in June of 2014.  This interview was featured on numerous websites and is still one of his most popular interviews.  This website, globalcurrencyreset.net, was started exactly ten days later.  After reading Mr. Middelkoop’s book, I was confident that I could make it through the reset with little to no problem once I prepared myself.

The book is very well written, with great footnotes as well as an expansive bibliography.  It’s very easy to find the exact topic you are looking for.  Here are some of the topics in the book:

  • What is the origin of money?
  • How did gold become money?
  • What is meant by fractional banking?
  • Who supervises central banks?
  • Is China still financing the US?
  • How often have US gold reserves in Fort Knox been audited?
  • Will gold be part of a reset?
  • Will SDRs become the new world currency?
  • What is China’s master plan?
  • The Russian point of view.
  • Could the US confiscate foreign gold reserves stored in New York to introduce a new gold standard?
  • And much much more
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Willem Middelkoop – Commodity Discovery Fund

Willem Middelkoop is the  founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund   That website is here http://www.cdfund.com/  Willem Middelkoop’s personal website is http://www.willem-middelkoop.nl/en/.  The Commodity Discovery Fund is an AFM-licensed investment fund based in The Netherlands.  Willem Middelkoop is a highly successful entrepreneur and he has authored four books on not only investing but also economics.  His most recent book, The Big Reset, was his first published in English.  Willem is best known in the Netherlands for his work as a commentator for RTL Z, a business channel between 2001 and 2008.  For the Commodity Discovery Fund, Willem has been responsible for the research.


Willem Middelkoop – Amsterdam Gold or Amsterdamgold

Middelkoop also founded https://www.amsterdamgold.com/en/, an online store for not only gold but also silver bullion back in 2008. The store had reached total sales of E120 Million in 2011, the year in which it was sold to a Dutch listed company.   It says on the title of Amsterdam Gold, “Because you can’t print gold.”  That speaks a thousand words.  In this day and age when QE, also known as quantitative easing (money printing)  is being done by central banks around the world, you have to protect your wealth, gold and silver are the only true forms of money.  Paper currency does not survive a hyperinflation, gold and silver do, and they have never gone to zero.  Fiat money has a 100% failure rate.

Amsterdamgold was started in December 2008 by Willem Middelkoop. His mission was to make the purchase of physical precious metal simple.  Goud Kopen buy gold from Amsterdam Gold.

Since 2000, Willem Middelkoop has written about investing in gold and silver and is primarily known as an exchange commentator and presenter of RTLZ and guest at Pauw en Witteman and De Wereld Draait Door. He is also the author of the bestsellers When the Dollar Crashes, The Permanent Oil Crisis and Survive the Credit Crisis of which more than 100,000 copies have been sold.

In July 2011, Willem Middelkoop sold his shares of Amsterdamgold to the publicly traded investment company Value8 of Peter Paul de Vries (former foreman of VEB).

Willem Middelkoop – More Information

Willem Middelkoop has created a blog for the Big Reset located here: http://thebigresetblog.com/

Willem’s Twitter for the big reset book is https://twitter.com/thebigresetblog also https://twitter.com/wmiddelkoop is his official Twitter page.  Facebook is located here https://www.facebook.com/willem.middelkoop.9

In Middelkoop’s first book, in 2007, he warned of a possible crash of the global financial system, which by the end of 2008 was virtually a fact. The book is currently in its seventeenth print and over 50,000 copies have been sold. In total he sold over 100,000 books.

Books by Willem Middelkoop (available in Dutch only)

Als de dollar valt – If the dollar collapses (when the dollar crashes)

Goud en het geheim van geld – Gold and the secret money

Overleef de kredietcrisis – Survive the credit crisis (crunch) Over 100,000 copies sold.

De permanente oliecrisis – The permanent oil crisis

The books above would be great to read once they are translated, however, the following is taken directly from the pages of the new book The Big Reset:

“One year before the fall of Lehman Brothers, my first book was published in the Netherlands (Als de dollar valt – If the Dollar Collapses, 2007). After studying the financial system for over ten years, I had come to the conclusion that a collapse of the unstable global financial system – and its mountain of debt – was ‘only a matter of time’. After the house of cards collapsed just one year later, my life changed dramatically. Within a short period of time, I became a well-known personality in the Netherlands. I decided to quit my job as market commentator for the business channel RTL Z in order to focus on business opportunities arising from the new economic reality. I believed this new reality would entice investors to look seriously at investing in hard assets, especially gold and silver. We have seen precedents of this in every crisis for the last 300 years. I subsequently started a web shop for gold and silver bullion  (AmsterdamGold.com) and set up a commodity fund (Commodity Discovery Fund). AmsterdamGold was sold to the listed Value8 in the summer of 2011, after yearly sales reached 100 million euros. In the same period, three more of

my books became bestsellers. None of them were ever translated into English.  This book combines information from all previous books with an additional chapter on the expected Big Reset for the current worldwide monetary system. The book tells the story of a mostly hidden world of money and gold which I hope will also be of interest to a larger, international public.”

Here is a video to a recent interview I conducted with Mr. Middelkoop.

Best Commodity Index Funds should include the Commodity Discovery Fund.

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